Published at 21/09/2022

Afterwork: Building the New Digital HR

Test passed! We missed the after work spaces. Those moments (it seems that we talked about years ago) in which after a work meeting, seminar or conference, we continued to debate, analyze and comment on the topics that mattered most to us, enjoying a coffee or wine, depending on the time of day. Well, we did it again. Virtually, to respect all possible sanitary measures, but with the same casual and interesting tone; and with a soft drink in hand.

The opportunity was provided by our marketing team who, after the virtual round table on The strategic value of HR in the digital maturity process of your organization, which we organized on July 22, decided to offer attendees the opportunity to continue commenting on the theme in the first After IN2.

The hosts were Jordi Carreras and Marisa Cruzado. They distributed game inside and outside our borders. how? Well, because a Virtual After has the virtue of being able to have people anywhere in the world and there were participants who, having just had breakfast, connected from different countries in Latin America.

It was interesting to share experiences with HR managers from other countries where the pandemic is now at its peak. Check that teleworking has been the recurring alternative everywhere. And discovering that remote employee engagement is a challenge for all organizations.

Messages, comments and shared knowledge from the experience and in a casual virtual environment. It was the first, but we are convinced that it will not be the last.

By Marisa Cruzado

Relive the afterwork!

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