Published at 21/09/2022

Process automation, a challenge within your reach!

In today's companies and organizations, there is still a lot of manual and repetitive work that consumes time on low-value tasks and does not give visibility to information that could be valuable.

There are tools that allow us to automate these tasks so that people can focus their attention on what is most necessary. By applying automation we will be able to improve and simplify workflows and processes, we will be able to apply Artificial Intelligence to facilitate decision-making and we will give visibility to corporate information, favoring the appearance of new business opportunities.

We find that documents are still classified, records are filled out or reports are processed manually, making it difficult to share information, increasing storage costs or completely losing the traceability of actions. By applying the DPA (Digital Process Automation) method, we can make the digital transition in the most optimal way possible using tools such as Microsoft Power Automate, among others.

Power Automate is Microsoft's solution for process automation. Connect applications, data and services, and increase the productivity of teams, being designed to work in the cloud, desktop or mobile.

Power Automate empowers us to create automated processes using low-code tools and hundreds of pre-built connectors that automate routine and repetitive tasks with ease and allow us to integrate with almost any system in our organization. Make your automation even smarter by applying Artificial Intelligence to quickly process forms, handle documents, process approvals, detect images, and analyze text.

And you, do you wonder how to start with process automation and with what tools? It is clear that there are many automation technologies available, but there is always one that will adapt better than others to your needs.

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