The wide range of products currently on the market is a challenge in decision-making. Our mission is to advise and accompany you in choosing those products that best meet your business needs, customer profile and company structure.

Content management

Content management facilitates, drives and guarantees the flow of information within the organisation.  
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M3 (maturity model methodology)

The digital transformation is not to be improvised. A method to prioritise the greatest impact at the lowest cost, with people at the heart, is what is needed.
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Our city, our energy

The solution that analyzes the efforts to reduce energy costs and communicates the results to the population.
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Workflow Editorial

Our objective is to integrate all the participants in the publishing process into a single tool that streamlines work and controls the products globally. 
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Standards compliance management

Effective documentation enhances the visibility of management systems and the guarantees of quality 
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Click Virtual Office

The remote assistance solution which permits our users to solve queries or perform procedures with the support of videoconferencing. This helps to streamline contact between the public/clients and cus...
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Verifiable Credentials

New paradigm for information exchange and verification
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Observatory for an Ethical Artificial Intelligence

A vision beyond technology, towards a Society 5.0.
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Content management Content management
M3 (maturity model methodology) M3 (maturity model methodology)
Our city, our energy Our city, our energy
Workflow Editorial Workflow Editorial
Standards compliance management Standards compliance management
Click Virtual Office Click Virtual Office
Verifiable Credentials Verifiable Credentials
Observatory for an Ethical Artificial Intelligence Observatory for an Ethical Artificial Intelligence

What are IN2 products like?

Which tool is the most suitable for your company? How to guarantee the profitability of your choice? Our products have three characteristics that guarantee that your investment is a success.


Our products are developed from the latest technological innovations, which guarantees that your organization always has access to what best meets your objectives.


We work with products, tools and apps capable of being integrated into your systems with full guarantee of operation, which speeds up the implementation processes and optimizes productivity.


The professional team is the center of your business. IN2 develops products designed to serve the people who are in your organization. Thus, your company offers higher quality and obtains better profitability.

¿Why IN2?

We could tell you that we are the best technological partner for your organization due to our track record or our experience. But we won't. Because YOU are unique. Your needs, goals and challenges are yours alone. For us you are THE CUSTOMER. That is why we tell you that we are your technological partner, because we will accompany you in the process of digital transformation so that only YOU obtain the results you are looking for.

Technology at the service of people

Society 5.0 faces the challenge of efficiently integrating wearable systems, AI, Big Data,... At IN2 we accompany our clients in a digital transformation with a focus on the people who use technology, so that they obtain desired productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Sustainable innovation

We create products and services that respond to the new needs of our customers. We promote the collaborative economy with the dissemination of knowledge and support for innovative projects within and outside our organization. This is how we generate a sustainable and profitable R&D&I cycle.


Technology put at the service of people improves productivity, increases efficiency and optimizes processes. At IN2 we work so that the improvement of all these standards has a decisive impact on the results of our clients, improving their profitability.

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