Verifiable Credentials

New paradigm for information exchange and verification

¿Why Verifiable Credentials?

In this new internet era we need to put users back in control of their data, while creating a context of trust that does not rely on large platforms or a strong central government. Verifiable credentials are a framework for expressing, exchanging and verifying information, using a new information format (W3C Verifiable Credentials), digital wallets and the blockchain to establish trust.


Verifiable credentials help us make information easy to verify and impossible to falsify.

Privacy and security

Verifiable credentials can be stored securely and encrypted, and can only be viewed and verified by those who have permission. This protects the privacy of the individual and the personal information on the credential.


Verifiable credentials can be shared with different organisations and platforms, making them portable and easy to use. This means that credential holders do not have to go through the application and verification process every time they wish to prove their identity or skills.


Verifiable credentials are issued by trusted and verifiable authorities, which makes them more reliable and accurate than traditional credentials. This means that verifiable credentials can be easily verified by third parties, which increases confidence in the information contained in them.


Verifiable credentials can automate the process of verifying and validating an individual's skills and credentials, saving time and effort for organisations and individuals who need to verify those credentials.

General characteristics

The Verifiable Credentials process consists of several phases:

Fases Credenciales Verificables

But what features do verifiable credentials provide?

Issuer of verifiable documents or credentials and who supports the veracity of the information contained therein.

Digital wallet for storing and managing credentials

Compatible with the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure

Mobile application for on-the-spot validation of credentials

Authentication through verifiable credentials using OpenID protocol

Integration with the Alastria T-Network blockchain

Printing verifiable credentials in QR format

Monitoring and management system

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