M3 (maturity model methodology)

The digital transformation is not to be improvised. A method to prioritise the greatest impact at the lowest cost, with people at the heart, is what is needed.

¿Why M3 (maturity model methodology)?

Digital transformation is the integration of technology into all the organisation's areas. It entails an investment in physical and human resources, as well as money, to effect a profound change in how businesses operate and the value they offer their customers. Along the way, it is fundamental to recall that the purpose of this transformation is to place technology at the service of people. Therefore, it is of special importance how we integrate the technology with the professionals who are to use it.


Knowing the technological maturity level of an organisation and the people who make it up; planning the digital transformation in the light of that maturity, and the objectives to be met, are the challenges all companies immersed in this process face.


Personalisation and an expert perspective, because every organisation is different and requires solutions tailored to its needs. There is also accompaniment during the whole cycle.

360º vision

A 360º vision for tackling the issues to be solved holistically.

Objective and structured analysis

Objective and structured analysis of the real situation to guide the strategic (medium and long-term) and operational (short-term) planning.


It guides the objectives and strategies


Optimisation of the investment and shorter technology integration times.

General characteristics

General characteristics

4 levels of maturity:

Content digitalisation

Process digitalisation

Process automation

Digital operations 

Online evaluation survey

Three areas of analysis:

People and knowledge management

Functionality and processes


Action plan for implementing the digital transformation

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