Observatory for an Ethical Artificial Intelligence

A vision beyond technology, towards a Society 5.0.

¿Why Observatory for an Ethical Artificial Intelligence?

With the advance of Artificial Intelligence in all the areas of our society, it becomes essential to establish a holistic model that guarantees the application of these innovative technologies without generating discrimination or inequality. Also ensuring compliance with European and Spanish regulations on data protection and equality.

In this context, we present the "Observatory for an Ethical Artificial Intelligence", created to audit and certify AI algorithms with a 360 vision. Thanks to a team that brings together experts in AI and Data Science, as well as sociologists, psychologists, anthropologists, experts in equality and bias, labor market professionals and specialists in data protection legislation.

This observatory audits algorithms and establishes good practices and recommendations. But it also incorporates diffusion, awareness and training tasks for all the actors involved, which promotes a future with increasingly ethical algorithms.


Our model of Observatory for an Ethical Artificial Intelligence brings us the following benefits:

Holistic and 360° vision

The algorithms are audited taking into account each and every aspect that may generate discrimination or inequality.

Diffusion and Awareness

The results, conclusions and recommendations, are transmitted to all actors according to their involvement, ensuring greater awareness and therefore increasingly ethical algorithms.


We train the actors according to their role, ensuring that all those involved in the process share a common language and consequently facilitating communication between all parties.

General characteristics

Our Observatory has a large number of features that provide a high degree of efficiency and scalability:

Applicable to any type of AI algorithm.

Implementable at any stage of algorithm development (conceptualization, testing and production).

We use a recognized audit methodology that complies with European standards.

"Knowledge" by IN2 ensures the traceability of the audit process, facilitates the collaborative work of all actors and helps in the dissemination and management of all knowledge generated.

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