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Business Intelligence, Cloud, AI, Production Systems

We process the data to convert them into reliable information that permits efficient decision-making. 

In the Information Age, many companies are victims of the tyranny of data. This is why tools that compile and analyse data are necessary, to transform them into information and knowledge for the organisation. 

We at IN2 use machine learning based on probabilistic, logical and geometric models that let us analyse algorithms and identify patterns to make predictions.   

We embark on AI challenges and projects with the premise that they must be secure and dependable. Starting with the client's objectives and the information available, we define the best service and/or platform architecture to accomplish the project.  

General Characteristics

What characterises our Business Intelligence, Cloud, AI and Production Systems service? 

Support for cloud and on-premises configurations

Interoperability with existing storage structures and systems 

KPI displays / Dashboards 

Self-service capability 

Online and/or offline data processing and supply 

Agile methodology with rapid addition of value 

Based on privacy and being bias-free  

Traceability mechanisms for locating and correcting potential deficiencies in the interfaces and algorithms 


Business and decision-making support 


We are in the age of data. In all organizations, such a high volume is handled that it is necessary to have a system that allows them to be collected and organized.

Turning data into intelligent information is the first step in establishing a successful business strategy.

Have not you decided yet? Look at the benefits of this service!

Knowledge of the business and improved productivity

Automating data management guarantees the quality of the results/information, optimises the response time, and facilitates taking decisions. 

Better knowledge of the customer

It reveals the behaviour of consumers and the trends on the market. 

Prediction capacity

By identifying behaviour patterns and/or machine learning models 

Success stories

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I accept the processing of my personal data
Accept the treatment of your personal data before sending.

Joan Ramon Sanchiz

CEO and Turism & Transport Sector Manager

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