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Digital workplace

With the Beezy digital workplace, jobs become mobile, personalisable and smart. By implementing Beezy, our clients improve their employee experience and get the very most out of Microsoft 365.

One of the main challenges facing HR departments in the age of digitalisation and globalisation is attracting and retaining talent. The more engaged and committed the team is, the more innovative, resilient and productive the company is.  

Beezy is a platform that becomes a single point of entry into the organisation's virtual environment. A window where the employees get access to everything they need for their work, from wherever and whenever they wish. It also results in a personalised, simple, flexible and intuitive user experience.

General Characteristics

Beezy has four main characteristics:


Delivering corporate information to teams while keeping employees engaged.


Putting teams on the same page in real time, wherever they are.


Capturing the knowledge of an entire institution and making it accessible at the right moment in the right context.


Connecting and automating productivity tools to raise employee efficacy.

Why IN2?

Transform your intranet into a smart workplace.

Global and cloud access

The talent a company needs could be in any part of the world. With Beezy, it is possible to manage multi-company teams in a friendly, effective and profitable way. Moreover, the strategy for a digital workplace solution should include the cloud. Beezy is built on the Microsoft platform.

User experience and mobility

Multichannel, multidevice accessibility, simplicity and usability. All these characteristics make Beezy an indispensable solution for getting an excellent user experience.


The options for user interfaces (UI) continue to expand with the emerging availability of chatbots and/or virtual assistants. Integrating chat allows users to carry out basic transactions or retrieve information without leaving the corporate chat windows.


Beezy can integrate other solutions or be integrated into others. This makes it a single access window into the organisation's virtual environment.

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Jordi Carreras

HR Cloud Market Manager and KAM

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