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It facilitates structured inter-system communication​.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) defines interoperability as the ability of two or more systems or components to exchange and use information. We at IN2 work in highly complex environments which need a very strong integration effort to ensure that the necessary information is available to whoever requires it, at the moment it is required, and in a comprehensible form. ​ 

Part of our experience is our specialisation in the Health sector, with standards like HL7 or FHIR. We also possess extensive knowledge of SOA architecture and over ten years' experience in developing technical Interoperability Offices for multiple clients.

General characteristics

Interoperability can be accomplished on two levels: 

  • Technical interoperability: At this level, we find the technologies and protocols that permit communication between the components.​ 

  • Functional or syntactic interoperability: This adds information exchange to the communication. The​ standards for this level define the structure and format of the information to be interchanged.​ 

Both of the levels are indispensable to correct communication and interpretation of the information. We place our experience, and that of our professionals who have been trained in the principal standards of the market, at the disposal of our clients. ​ 

In the Health sector, our multidisciplinary teams let us deal with both technical and functional issues, in which clinical knowledge is key, as in the case of modelling data using the standard openEHR.

Technical standards

FHIR, HL7, openEHR​ 

Semantic standards

SNOMED CT, natural language encoding​

Multidisciplinary team

Technicians, clinical professionals, encoders


SOA, microservices, integration buses​

Why IN2?

We have over 10 years' experience in developing and managing Technical Standards and Catalogues Offices, as well as Technical Interoperability Offices. These latter ensure that good practices are followed by the actors involved and they define and perform governance for the service ecosystem. 

We have worked on innovative projects which help to encode clinical encoding using natural language, and we are members of the openEHR International Foundation.

Wide experience

We have been working with both technical and semantic interoperability standards for years

Innovative spirit

Technology evolves. For this reason, our professionals always propose the most innovative and robust way of solving the client's needs.

Multidisciplinary teams

Our combination of both technological and assistance profiles ensure the global understanding of the client's needs.

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I accept the processing of my personal data
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Agnès Aguiló

Health & Social Manager

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