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Jira | Server to Cloud Migration

The solution you've been looking for: Jira Server to Cloud Migration, easier and more customized than ever.

The Jira migration from Server to Cloud is necessary for a simple and compelling reason; Atlassian has already announced the date when it will stop supporting Jira Server accounts. On February 15, 2024, Jira Server will no longer provide technical support, security updates and bug fixes for critical vulnerabilities.

If you already use Jira or any other Atlassian tool in your organization and you are ready to take the leap to the cloud, don't wait any longer and take the opportunity to make your migration an even better experience with IN2.


Get ready to migrate from server to cloud


Migrating from a server to the cloud may seem like a complicated task, but here are some tips that can help you do it efficiently:

Evaluate your current situation

Take the test at the bottom of the page to find out the size of your migration.

Plan ahead

Make sure you have a detailed plan of what you need to migrate.

Respect your timming

This will allow you to identify and resolve problems in time, which can avoid delays.

Why switch server for cloud?

On February 15, 2024, Atlassian will stop assisting its Jira Server product. However, this countdown is not the only reason to migrate to the cloud! Jira Cloud is here to stay. So, there you have 3 reasons to move to the Cloud.

Increase benefits and reduce costs

Jira Server has hidden costs, such as server maintenance, which are not in the Cloud. In Jira Cloud you only have to worry about licensing costs.

Extensive range of task automation

Avoid wasting time and free your teams of automatable tasks, improving their productivity, speed and performance.

Automatic and simplified updating

Unlike server, Jira Cloud automatically updates to the latest software versions. This means your team will always have access to the latest features, enhancements and security updates.

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