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The overall concept of project support offices

Since 2006, IN2 has participated in managing technical offices and PMOs in highly complex, mission-critical environments, principally in the public sector and in healthcare.​

Our experience, added to the digital transformation processes we have supported from the technical offices, has allowed us to be front-row observers of the deficiencies that crop up without perfect alignment between the three vectors of any transformation process: Strategy, Projects and Technology.​

Our offices, with the trust and support of our clients, have evolved and are assuming ever more responsibility in coordination and strategic alignment. All this, in real environments, has ripened our idea of what an office that is really efficient, useful, transversal and with a 360º vision of the transformation process, ought to be.

General characteristics

Thanks to our experience of over 15 years with technical offices and PMOs, we know that the scope of the traditional office needs to be expanded. We offer our clients the Expanded Business Project Management Office (Oficina++), in which the strategic and technological components are integrated to enhance and streamline the process of transformation in organisations.​ 

We work with a service catalogue model; each service covers one aspect within the needs that arise when the project is taken on: management of the office itself, monitoring of the projects executed by third parties, support from technology experts, etc. This confers us with greater flexibility and the possibility of tailoring the service to the needs and specific requirements of each client, without altering the methodological frame in which the office works.

Management of the office itself

Ensure the quality and correct provision of the service

Knowledge management

Ensure that knowledge is generated and shared​

Technical support

Technical experts who provide support to guarantee technical quality​

Functional support

Specialists in the area of business who offer their experience

Third-party support

Communication and dissemination for the key players

Why IN2?

For more than two decades, we have undertaken numerous technology projects with the aim of guaranteeing the value of processes, interoperability, mobility, and integration with the Internet of Things (IoT). All of this has been in the areas of healthcare and social services, the tourist sector, industry and the public authorities. 

Beyond our technological knowledge, we at IN2 have evolved towards a global knowledge of the business. Only through this overview and understanding of the activity of our clients can we bring real added value to our projects. 

With this objective of overall knowledge, we have formed multidisciplinary teams that let us combine technical and functional knowledge and thus contribute to meeting our clients' objectives.

Knowledge management platform

We ensure that information becomes knowledge available to everyone.

Multidisciplinary teams

Our combination of both technological and assistance profiles ensure the global understanding of the client's needs.

Cross-sectional view

It is key to establish synergies and be more efficient that the team knows all the necessary aspects in a transversal way.

Success stories

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Agnès Aguiló

Health & Social Manager

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