Creation of a knowledge management office

The case of Iberia

Possible alternative steps in the sale process

The client's problem

The airline's online ticketing portal was in the midst of a digital transformation process. The objective was to streamline processes and optimize the knowledge management of the teams. 

One of their main concerns was to reduce the possible steps to facilitate cross-selling, or to prevent fraud in an efficient manner. To specify the definition of the business rules scattered among different systems and without well-defined owners.

The client's objectives

The customer's objective was threefold: 

  1. To identify and classify the options associated with ticketing; 

  1. To establish a methodology for the management of these options 

  1. And finally, to find a tool that would allow it to manage them efficiently.

Main challenge

The main challenge of the consultancy was to find and analyze a set of more than 800 options related to the ticketing process spread across multiple heterogeneous systems. 

The coordination between the business team, owner of the rules, and the systems department, responsible for the operation of the tools, was the second challenge of the project.


The project addressed the problem with three lines of work: 

  • A technological analysis of the systems for the survey and the identification of different options 

  • The definition of a methodology for knowledge management in accordance with the principles of the agile model implemented in the organization. 

  • A market study to identify the tool that best suits the business needs and with which to build a pilot test.

Achieved results

The successful implementation of the knowledge management office made it possible to limit the volume of valid business rules to less than 400, thus facilitating their management. In addition, the new methodology empowered business managers to take ownership of the rules for which they were responsible.

Establishment of a cross-sectional knowledge management office.
Selection of a critical tool to be used in the sales process.
Interlocution at multiple levels: business, functional and technological.

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