Collaborative workspace for cultural projects

The case of the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (ICUB)

Project key figures


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The client's problem

ICUB is in charge of managing cultural projects in the city of Barcelona and collaborates with external promoters, agencies and organizers. 

This requires managing documentation from different sources that must be organized and made available to the press when necessary.

The client's objectives

The main objective was to build a collaborative workspace where the ICUB staff could manage the documentation related to the city's cultural projects and where external agents necessary for the development of the projects could participate.

Main challenge

The main challenge to be solved was to provide a secure collaborative space that did not restrict access to outsiders , which did not restrict access to people outside the organization but guaranteed the privacy of the managed documents. 

Another important challenge was to ensure the efficiency of the solution when working with multimedia materials such as images and videos.


After analyzing and diagnosing the situation, IN2 defined an Open Source Alfresco document manager as a centralized repository for project materials. 

This repository provides the tools to work collaboratively and securely. In addition, it provides features for handling multimedia materials that allow you to take advantage of and manage this type of content more efficiently. 

Finally, an integration was made with the ICUB website to offer press materials directly from the document manager.

Achieved results

The successful implementation of the solution has facilitated the management of cultural projects and halved the time required to share documentation with the press.

Solution implemented on the Open Source Alfresco document manager.
Incorporation of external collaborators in the collaborative space.
Management of multimedia materials from the same tool.

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