Digitization of the editorial content editing process

The case of the McGraw-Hill Education Publishing Company

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The client's problem

The publishing house, known for its prestige in the educational world, faced the editorial coordination of dozens of educational books every year. The excess of manual tasks made it difficult to add more subjects and courses to its catalog. In addition, the materials of the different books were deposited in network folders, which made it difficult to locate and reuse them.

The client's objectives

The main objective was to build a digital repository of bibliographic materials to optimize editorial processes and centralize information in a single tool, as well as to possess a traceability of materials to facilitate their reuse in other books and editions.

Main challenge

To build a system capable of streamlining the editorial process that must be carried out each year to cover the publishing house's broad catalog of subjects, courses and languages. 

In addition, automation must not be intrusive in the work of the editors and must guarantee the quality and care that characterize the publishing house.


After analyzing and diagnosing the situation, IN2 defined the implementation of an Open Source Alfresco document manager as a centralized repository for the materials involved in the edition of the books. This repository contains all the information about the books (metadata) and the elements used for their elaboration (originals, images, printing proofs...). 

A set of workflows were implemented to check the different phases for the digital management of the digital process: copyediting, proofreading (style, orthotypographical, scientific) and production (printing and binding). 

Achieved results

The successful implementation of the solution has facilitated the management of the editorial process and has made it possible to manage hundreds of books to be revised on an annual basis.

Solution implemented on the Alfresco Open Source document manager.
Incorporation of external collaborators in the management tool.
Integration with other tools of the editorial process such as Adobe Designer.

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