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The client's problem

At IN2 we are always clear that technology must be at the service of people, so internally, we also needed a platform that would allow us to help our workers: facilitating communication, capturing knowledge, giving access to all work tools and that at the same time would allow us to generate a feeling of belonging.

The client's objectives

A digital work environment that is capable of:

  • Be a single point of entry to the virtual environment of the organization
  • Being a tool for organizational transparency
  • Capture company knowledge
  • Keep employees engaged and in touch with each other

Main challenge

The main challenges of applying the digital workplace were:

  • That it has to be interoperable and capable of integrating the different tools of the organization.
  • Accessible from any physical location and with any operating system.
  • That it could keep to the needs of the workers and the objectives of the company's management.


The solution was finally carried out with the technology of Beezy, an environment developed in the Microsoft universe, where all users already had access beforehand. Organizational changes were thus minimized, and good change management was possible with a fluid and organic transition. Complying with the objectives set by the management, all corporate applications will be integrated into the tool, centralizing the entry of all of them. In addition, the SSO system was introduced to facilitate access and improve usability.

Achieved results

Our organizational transparency tool gives all workers access to all work tools, contact everyone in the company and be up to date on what is happening.

During the pandemic, MyIN2 became the primary communication and integration channel for the entire IN2 team.
Access from mobile devices brings the organization closer to employees, especially post-millennial generations
It is a solution that allows us to integrate the different tools of the organization in a single entry point. For our part, the CRM, the ticketing tool and the HR tool are integrated.

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